Voices of Imagination 1

Voices of Imagination 1
Series: Voices of Imagination
Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction
Tags: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Short Story Anthology
Publisher: Daniel Howard (Independent Publisher)
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Short Story Anthology
ISBN: 9781494835538
Voices of Imagination is a collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror from new and emerging authors from around the world. The stories are as varied as the authors who produced them, but all will stretch the limits of the imagination.
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About the Book

Voices of Imagination is a collection of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories by authors from all over the world. Authors from all walks of life with all degrees of writing experience have contributed to this unique collection of stories as imaginative as they are varied.

Borealis by Diana Kemp – The first generation of colonists on humanity’s idyllic new world find… something.

My Diary by Steve Cross – The journal of a man and his demon.

The Inscription by Marsh Cassady – A simple inscribed book appears to a professor at an opportune time.

Reaped by Shafa Rashid – A new writer’s debut story about promises between friends.

Searchspecs by A. Gregg – The latest technology dramatically changes Mark’s life.

Out Hunting for Teeth by William J. Grabowski – Something strange inhabits the mountains of World War II Japan.

The Day the Soldiers Came by Robin Bailes – Humans’ arrival on an alien planet, told by a local artist.

Things That Go Thump in the Night by Tom Schwider – A night out gone wrong.

Your Own Personal Scarer by Sophie Childs – A story about scarer and scaree.

And a Foreword by the editor, Daniel Howard.

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