Taken in the Dark of Night

Taken in the Dark of Night
Series: James of Darkwood, Book 1.5
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy
Tags: Fantasy, Recommended Books
Publisher: Daniel Howard (Independent Author)
Publication Year: 2015
Format: ebook & print
Length: 30k words
ISBN: 9781514350454

James of Darkwood is a dark elf, an assassin, and occasionally a reluctant hero. This stand-alone adventure has James pursuing his vengeance across the farming communities of the Eastlands. Though he manages to rescue a group of children from fates worse than death, one child named Tabitha, earns a special place in James' admittedly cold heart.
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About the Book

Daniel Howard’s debut novella, Taken in the Dark of Night, brings James of Darkwood out of the shadows to the pastoral Eastlands: a land of magi who commune with the Source to protect the realm and simple folk who work hard to build themselves a better life. But dark things dwell beyond the lights of town…

They come in the night. They come for the children. Slavers.

Tabitha is a girl who dreams of vanquishing monsters and rescuing the innocent. Then she is sold to a mysterious man of grotesque appetites. She discovers that monsters are very real and innocence
is a fragile thing.

James of Darkwood is an Eloria’an with a dark secret. Brutally trained as an assassin by the House of Knives, James may be the only hope for children bound for slavery – and worse – as he leaves a wake of death across what was once a peaceful land in his search for vengeance. Can James rescue the children, and with them a small part of his soul? Or will the Void take them all into dark oblivion?

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