My debut novella is also the first appearance of James of Darkwood, the anti-hero of this book and soon to be many more.

Synopsis: James of Darkwood is a killer with a secret coming from an even brutal path. He is seeking vengeance against the slaver who sold him into the brutal House of Knives to be trained as an elite assassin. James survived his training, took it to heart, and is now using his skills against these human traffickers.

But there is a more sinister force at work, a man that indulges in his grotesque appetites at the expense of young children’s innocence. Tabitha was bought by this man, and must use all of her cunning and anger to get free, maybe with a little help from James of Darkwood.

The book is currently available on Amazon Kindle. Click here for Or you can follow this link for all the international sites.

The books is also for sale on Kobo. Click here to get a copy now.

All formats of Taken in the Dark of Night are also available on Smashwords.

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