At long last, my blogging hiatus is over. It’s been wild.

I’ve finished, published, re-edited, and re-published my novella Taken in the Dark of Night. That process is long, and overly complicated, and I’m really starting to see the value in corporate publishing. Why? Between the number of edits that I missed the first time around and uploading everywhere under the sun. Such is the indie author way. To see the fruits of my labor, please visit (a redirect).

The website has gone through a few iterations, each more of a pain in the ass than the last. I’ve returned to my old setup that I can work with, though there have been a few updates, the biggest of which being the addition of a mailing list. (Click here to sign up and get a free ebook.)

Last, but not least, I’ve also decided to start writing reviews. I’d like to start giving something back to the writing community and meeting fellow wordsmiths. Therefore, I’ve put together a review policy for indie authors:

  • doing reviews upon request only
  • only reviewing books that enjoyed
  • no stars, but a balanced review

Luckily, it’s all coming together in time for the New Year. It’s a return of sorts, but also a new beginning. Be ready for the first of the indie reviews early in 2016. I hope you all had as happy a holiday as I did.

All the best, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming year.

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