This is just a quick announcement because I’ve been absent from the Daniel Howard Writing blog for too long. There are a few posts with a bit more meat on them coming up soon (and I’ve put some thought into them). Mostly, however, I’m here to re-connect with readers for a moment or two and let everyone know that I’m planning to expand the topics that will start appearing on this site.

As my updated bio says here (and on social media), my day job is working as a social media manager. And no, I’m not going to tell you where. Not only is it irrelevant, but I keep my life compartmentalized. The opinions I express here are my own, and are in no representative of my employer. Still, I have opinions and this platform, so it’s time to start putting them out there in the world.

So expect to get more of the following subjects here on the blog:

  • Social media tips and tricks for authors: I may not have all the answers, but I’ll have a few. This will also coincide with increase social media activity on all my accounts. I am just one person, after all, and time is limited. Nevertheless, I’m committing to better engagement of my readers.
  • Opinions on…whatever: I follow politics, but rarely write on them. That is going to change soon. I plan to start writing my thoughts on current events, and my evolution on those thoughts. For the record, I consider myself a nerd, a progressive, a feminist, and an ally to the LGBT+ community. I’m also a white, heterosexual, cis-gendered male raised in an upper-middle class home in an industrialized nation. I’ve also wrestled with mental health issues (especially depression) for my entire life. Any opinion pieces appearing on this blog will be through these lenses with as much self-awareness as I can muster.
  • How to finish a book: Since I’m currently working on a book (How to FINISH Your First Book) and online course to help new writers finish their first book, I’m also going to start putting out regular messages. These will be elaborations on the book content, really to help me work my way through the material. Likewise, some topics are tangential to a book that I hope will helpful in its brevity. Some posts might just be ideas I’ve had that don’t seem to fit.

There will also be more on the subjects I’ve written on so far, such as the Pretentious Shit That Works and Grammar Gripes series. Ideally, I’ll also be expanding my media empire into some delightfully cussy cartoons on the same subjects. Likewise, I’ll be here for any authors who want to request reviews. (This is my review policy.) I’m hoping a few more indie writers will ask for¬†one.

Finally, so stay abreast of the blog, as well as news about my writing progress and fun freebies and previews, sign up for my mailing list. You can click here or take a look at the sidebar. There will be an increasing frequency of emails going out. Committing to increased email activity will also inspire me to produce more blog content so that I have something to share with my readers.

And as always, I’d love to hear from anyone stopping by the blog in the comments section below. In fact, please leave a comment and let me know of there is anything that you want to see appear on the blog. Just please read the comment policy first.

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