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Pretentious Sh*t That Works: Travel

Pretentious Sh*t That Works: Travel

Is there anything more cliche than a traveling writer? (There might be, but I may just explode if I try to write it down.) Yet, long after it has ceased to be original, the trope of the traveling writer remains. Why? Well, the trope likely began when writing was a...

Pretentious Sh*t That Works: Adopting a Dog

Pretentious Sh*t That Works: Adopting a Dog

There is no way I would have finished my first novella without my dog. Sure, that looks a bit ridiculous, even to me as I write it, but that doesn’t make the fact any less true that there is no way I could have developed as a writer the way I have without the furry...

My Greatest Regret of 2016: Silence

My Greatest Regret of 2016: Silence

In the last month or so, I've tried several times to write my response to recent world events, particularly the back-sliding of Western countries into older models of nationalism and selfishness. My misgivings have been slowly brewing as I've read about nationalist...

The Conversation Starter That Will Make Me Hate You

The Conversation Starter That Will Make Me Hate You

I'd had something light and fairly fluffy lined up for my first opinion piece. It's about why I hate Superman, but I think we need him. It starts out in a pretty dark place, then gets brighter as it goes on. But then something happened to piss me off tonight, so maybe...

Expanding the Blogging Topics

This is just a quick announcement because I've been absent from the Daniel Howard Writing blog for too long. There are a few posts with a bit more meat on them coming up soon (and I've put some thought into them). Mostly, however, I'm here to re-connect with readers...

New Book Trailer: Taken in the Dark of Night

Hello readers, This will be brief. I have made my first foray into the world of book trailers. Being the supremely arrogant (and equally strapped-for-cash) writer that I am, I made this one myself. I'd love to have your feedback on my first trailer video, either in...

Grammar Gripes: i.e. and e.g.

  It's been a while since I wrote a Grammar Gripe. For those readers who enjoy them, I'm sorry it's take so long. Though there are a few others in the queue that I've been slowly considering, this s one of has bothered me for for years. (Yes, I am the kind of person...

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